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Background: Hospitality Industry

How our industry works for you

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To understand our process and our compensation, it helps to know a bit about the hospitality and site selection consulting industries.

The Event Planning Industry is Customer-Centric

Our industry is centered around you. Hotels and site selection consulting firms alike want your experience to be exceptional from beginning to end. Learning about your needs and expectations as quickly as possible is as important to us as it is to you. The hotel industry understands this very well. In fact, site selection consulting firms bring billions of dollars of business to their doorstep every year. Since this business is pre-qualified, they don’t have to devote internal resources to the qualification process. This saves them time and dollars.

We Are an Important Part of the Distribution Channel

Bottom line: The site selection consulting industry would not exist if hotels did not realize tremendous value from our services.

Another way to view this value is by looking at site selection consulting firms as part of the hotel industry’s many distribution channels—web marketing, print advertising, and direct mail are a few of the others. Like other channels, our service helps hotels capture pre-qualified, quality business and, as such, they are happy to pay our placement fees.

The placement fee percentage is standardized throughout the world. Long-established relationships between hotels and site selection consulting firms ensure the best possible rates and service. You can be confident that the playing field is level among and throughout different hotel properties and chains.

Multi-Billion-Dollar per Year Business

The meeting and event planning industry is a complex multi-billion dollar industry. Hotels, who pay the placement fees and make our industry possible, do not play favorites with site selection companies. Rest assured we will get the same rates you would get on your own if you were to go directly to the hotel, or if you were to work with another site selection company. Hotels want to earn your business no matter who brings them the opportunity.

Competition Is Fierce

Finally, in any given marketplace, there may be dozens of qualified properties for your company event. You can be sure that you will get the best possible rate because hotels will put their best foot forward from the start. They know that, if they don't, the property down the street will. This fiercely competitive marketplace helps ensure the best possible value for you at all times. And consultants are experts at identifying and delivering this value to you.

Benefits to You and Your Company

Customized to the Way You Work

We gather and deliver information directly to you. You make all the decisions; not us.

No Cost to You

We are compensated by hotels. As discussed above and in the FAQ section, our partnerships and industry are designed to deliver value to you with no out-of-pocket cost. Hotels understand the value we deliver to them and are happy to pay our fees to earn your business.

Your Privacy Is Protected

Your consultant is your single point of contact. They will field the follow up calls and emails from hotel salespeople. We understand you have more important things to do.

No Risk

There is no contract to sign. You can walk away at any time. We know our service speaks for itself. We do not need to lock you in to an agreement. We work entirely in good faith on your behalf.


We are not limited by property, chain, or border. Any property, any time.

Our process is easy and designed with you in mind.

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