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Step 4 - Contract Negotiation

The Most Important Step in Your Meeting Planning Process

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Once the final decision is made regarding location, the next step is to request the contract from the hotel. Are you prepared to negotiate all the details? Do you understand the finer points of today's hotel contracts and clauses? Your consultant will help you review the details, make recommendations and suggestions, and discuss possible revisions.

Contract Negotiation Expertise

If you are like most planners, you may see only one or two contracts per year. consultants have seen thousands. Reviewing hotel contracts and assisting with revisions is truly the core of our service--and the step where you will realize the most value. After all, what you agree to in the contract is what really matters--it represents the final agreement between your company and the chosen property. Is the contract fair?

You’ll Understand What You Are Signing

Remember, at the end of the day, the property you choose will be writing the first draft of the contract—and will most likely provide a standardized contract. Contract negotiation can be very delicate. Rest assured, their legal team has spent many thousands of dollars protecting their best interests. Who is looking out for yours?

You need someone on your side who knows hotel contracts inside and out. Every property is different, and so are their standardized agreements. guides you every step of the way to make sure there are no surprises.

Your Event Details in Writing

Every company event is fraught with small details and items that may seem trivial to outsiders. Your consultant understands your process. We know how to negotiate contracts. Since we work with you from the beginning, we are there to make sure all the details we've discussed along the way are addressed in the contract. Remember, your consultant is working for you.

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