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Step 2 - Location Search

Find Locations That Meet Your Needs

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After the consultation, we take it from there. Only properties that fit your needs and your budget are searched. You can get back to work on other more important tasks.

Single Point of Contact

Your privacy is important to us. We conduct our site selection proposal using our name; not yours. Your contact information is protected. Voicemails and emails from multiple properties take time away from your day. will be your one point of contact.

Detailed, Customized Site Selection Results

In just 2 to 3 business days, you can expect a completed Availability Report to arrive via email. The Availability Report is an easy-to-read snapshot of the area searched. This summary includes information on dates, rates, concessions, taxes, service charges, driving distances from airports, etc.

We’ll Follow Up

Once you’ve reviewed our results, your consultant will follow up promptly. You'll discuss the results together:

  • Did the results meet your expectations?
  • Do the offers deliver value?
  • Does the Availability Report need to be expanded or narrowed?

We use your feedback to fine-tune the site selection results, if needed.

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